Everyone drives differently. I bet most of us think we are good drivers, or maybe even excellent ones. And I’d wager that we think anyone who doesn’t share our driving philosophy are bad drivers.

Do you like to drive fast and furious? Is driving all about getting to the destination as quickly and efficiently as possible? Are you impatient when someone in front of you drives slow and forces you to slow down?

Or do you takes driving slow and easy, taking in the scenes, singing along to the radio or having a conversation? Do you prefer to take the slower lanes and get to your destination without stress and at your own pace?

How do you react when someone tailgates you? Do you get stressed? Will you let them pass or will you continue to block them because you feel you have the right to drive at your pace?

Conversely, how do you respond when you perceive the driver in front to be road-hogging? Do you high-beam or horn to get the offending car off your lane? Will you wait patiently for the driver to “get the message” and bugger off on his or her own accord? Or do you simply change lane and try to overtake?

When you are in a fast lane but discover that the supposedly slower lanes are moving at a faster pace, will you continue to stick with your lane or will you move to the other lanes?

Do you gauge your progress by how fast you are going absolutely? Or do you judge progress by how fast you are going relatively to the other lanes?

And if you spot an opening to move ahead of the other cars, will you take that opportunity even if it is a risky manoeuvre?


Where am I going with this? I think that a person’s personality is reflected in the way we drive.

Are you a goal driven individual? Or are you a people-oriented kind of person?

Do you avoid stress? Or are you motivated by it?

Do you believe in going along with the flow? Or are you the kind who will aggressively go after opportunities?

When things are not what they are supposed to be, do you sit and wait for things to become better? Or will you actively navigate your way in life?

And if so, how much of a risk-taker are you in changing lanes in life?


So the next time you’re on the road, analyse the way you drive and consider if it reflects your personality and your approach to life. You may be surprised how much similarity you find.