Mid-life crisis is such a misnomer. Mid-lifers in their 40s and 50s start drastically changing their lives, presumably in the knowledge that they’re sailing into their golden years. The popular notion of mid-life crisis is that of mid-lifers sudden realization that their best years are coming to an end, that old age will be upon them soon, that they have not accomplished much in their lives to date. That would trigger the over-compensation by a sudden zest for life and extravagant splurging to buy back youth. 

That might be true for a number of mid-lifers, but for many others, mid-life is not a time of crisis. Instead, it is that special life stage where one has the necessary life experience and wisdom to finally understand the advice for living, love, forgiveness, family and relationships, and most importantly – the time, energy and money to still make a difference in their lives.

It is not a mid-life crisis – it is a mid-life awakening.

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