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Why do we need two controls?
If you’ve been paying attention and feeling alert, you might be asking yourself – why do we need two controls to adjust the amount of light? Wouldn’t it be simpler to adjust the amount of time I leave the tap on until the basin is full? Why do I even need to bother with the size of the tap opening?

Well… because photography is more complex than filling a basin with water!

Shutter speeds and aperture can affect the way the photo looks, and these are very powerful tools to create your photos with.
You know that it’s difficult or impossible to take such photos with a typical digital compact camera. The ability of a DSLR to control shutter speeds and aperture lets you capture photos the way you want it. Let’s see how these controls affect the image!

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A fast shutter speed such as 1/500th second means that the shutter opens and closes in a split second, and that helps to freeze action such as sports photography. A slow shutter speed such as 5 seconds mean that things that move during the exposure time are recorded as blur in the image, creating some creative effects.

Fast shutter speed Slow shutter speed
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