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Quiz time!
After all that grueling theory lessons, it’s time to give yourself a pat on the back. But before you do that, take the following quiz questions to make sure that you really understood all that was taught!

a) Which shutter speed will you choose to freeze fast action? 1/30th sec or 1/125th sec?

b) Which aperture is a larger opening? f/5.6 or f/16

c) If you want to achieve a narrow depth of field, would you pick f/4 or f/11?

d) A photo was taken at the following settings: f/16 and 1/30th second. If you wanted a faster shutter speed of 1/125th second and maintain the same exposure, what aperture would you pick?

Answers (no peeking until you’re done!)
a) 1/125th sec
b) f/5.6
c) f/11
d) f/8

If you’ve gotten all the answers right, congratulations! Don’t worry about the complexity, because today’s DSLRs are highly automated and will take care of all these calculations for you. But you’d need to have a good understanding of the effects of shutter speeds and aperture before you move on.
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